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Snookie’s Society is a group of volunteers who have passion and dedication in saving small breed dogs in our community and overseas.  Snookie's Society has been around for almost 20 years.  

We are a federal not for profit and registered no-kill rescue group dedicated in rescuing small breed dogs (under 25 lbs) from puppy mills, shelter dogs, and abandoned street dogs from all over the world.  We dedicate our time in rescuing unwanted, neglected and often abused dogs. 

We partner up with local and international shelters. We provide a history, assessment and medical care for the dogs we rescue. Our goal is to provide each ‘furbaby’ the quality care necessary to bring them back to health, providing them with the stability and care of a foster home until a furever home is found. Our little rescue dogs will benefit from training, rehabilitation, nutrition, medical care and a lot of tlc.  Once ready for adoption, the dog is placed for adoption until a well matched furever home is found.

Over the years, we have helped many local shelters including;


SPCA Laurentides-Labelle

SPCA Monteregie

SPCA Montreal

Toronto Humane Society

Toronto Animal Services (North, East and West)

Windsor/Essex County Humane Society

Kingston Humane Society

Innisfil Animal Control

Stoney Creek Animal Control

Hamilton Animal Control

...and many other city run shelters in Canada.

We have helped many shelters in the US and all over the world:

Barrow County Georgia Animal Control (US)

Soi Dog Foundation (Registered Charity in Thailand)

APF Animal Protection Foundation (Registered Charity in Egypt)

... and many other shelters.

Snookie's is a rescue partner with several, large international groups in Egypt, US and in Thailand.  The groups we affiliate ourselves to have all been properly vetted and a rescue volunteer visited the shelter.  Our dogs go through a lengthy medical screening including Leishmania and Corona virus testing. Our dogs also receive a wellness bloodwork and go through deworming and flea/tick prevention. We also include teeth cleaning/extractions when medically required.  Please go to the "Adoption" page for more information.

We have a great love for dogs and we hope with the efforts of our many wonderful volunteers and supporters, we can continue to thrive in the volunteer work we believe in. We have a strong belief in educating and matching the right dog to the right family.  There is no such thing as a "perfect" family.  Just the "right" family who will be able to meet the needs of that specific dog.  With every adoption, we include a training package with an assigned certified dog trainer who is available to work with each family in making sure the transition of the new family member is a successful one.

Our trainers/behaviorists within our volunteer group are certified.  We also partnered up with the Educanine Center to help our families transition their new adopted dogs into their new homes.   Our training style is one that is balanced and closer to a "positive reward training system".

It means so much to us to be able to make a difference in the lives of our dogs but also to ensure the families who choose to adopt one of our pets are happy as well.  We have successfully adopted out almost two thousand pets since we first started in 2002.  We have a 0% euthanasia rate and have never euthanized a healthy dog due to behavioral issues.  Even with our most challenged little ones, we believe there is a right home for each and every one of them.  We never give up on our dogs and will always take them back even when they are returned by their families years later.


Aged, toothless and all, we always take them back! Once a Snookie's Society dog, always a Snookie's Society dog.


Snookie's Society founders first started the organization when they were young students attending a Humanities class in school. 

"Our teacher asked us to choose a topic that was important to us.  We thought at first the environment because of so much going on with global warming and the threat of polar bear extinction.  Our first task was to add a green bin for recycling near our school.  Once that was done, we added a second and a third.  It was great to make a difference but felt a little underwhelmed and decided what else can we do? Our true passion were animals.  At that point, one classmate said, "Lets save animals!" That simple comment turned into reality and by embracing the enthusiasm of youth with bright eyes, passion and energy, Snookie's Society was created".

Almost 20 years later, these students are still at the core of Snookie's Society.  Now older, raising children and pursuing careers, these dedicated volunteers literally grew up with Snookie's Society.  



The group of students named the rescue organization after the first rescue dog who inspired all of us, Snookie.  Snookie was surrendered as a puppy to the SPCA in Montreal.  One of our founders was a student volunteer at the SPCA and saw him in a cage.  The poor twelve-week-old puppy was given up by his original family when he developed cherry eyes in both eyes.  To others he might have appeared grotesque but to his soon to be new owner, it was love.  Love at first sight it was, and she immediately begged her mom to help her adopt Snookie as she was not of legal age.  As a student, they would have said no but since they knew her as a volunteer, they made an exception.  She pleaded her case and promised the SPCA she would always be responsible for him if they let her adopt him. She honored that promise and Snookie was her constant companion for twenty-two years.


The bond between the volunteer and her dog, inspired the group to name the organization after this special dog.  Snookie continued his volunteer services as our longtime mascot, dog mentor and therapy dog for Snookie's Society.  He sat at the helm for 22.5 years until his recent passing.  Snookie, is the longest living Coton De Tulear in Canada. 

We continue our efforts in rescuing small breed dogs in honor of Snookie, Babie, Robbie and the many dogs we were all lucky enough to share our lives with. 

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