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Snookie's Society Update: 

Ontario Residents

Due to the amount of interest in our dogs, we are no longer able to answer all inquiries.  We currently have over 20 000 messages and intake coordinators are overwhelmed with the volume of questions.

Please take the time to read our website pages and look through our adoption/foster forms for a better understanding of what we do.


We currently have over 4000 adoption applications.


We receive in average, 300 to 500 inquiries a day. Each dog we list,  there is at least 300 to 400 other applicants.  We apologize in advance if we do not reply to your inquiry directly or status of application.


Our waiting list of potential adopters dates back to Sept/October, 2020


We are always looking for experienced FOSTER HOMES as well as foster to adopt families.


We will continue to review the applications already submitted.  


We are only accepting adoption applicants for dogs listed as AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.  Please do not inquire about dogs who are not available yet.  An individual listing will be up once ready.  Our updates are generally on our Facebook page.  News and updates on our dogs are usually listed there.

We have approx. 20 new local and international dogs coming up in September, 2021


We encourage everyone to go to in search of a new family pet/member.


Please use the Ontario Rescue Directory to help guide you to a recommended and reputable Ontario Rescue organization.  The Rescue organizations listed in the Ontario Rescue Directory-Province of Ontario Breed Specific and All Breed Rescue Contacts 2020 have all been screened and must comply to ethical and professional standards. Rescues must be in operation for at least 3 years without issue.  Snookie's Society is a proud member of the Ontario Rescue Directory since 2005 

Other reputable and ethical small breed dog rescues: 

                                                    Loyal Rescue

                                                    Tiny Paws

                                                    Pomeranian and Small Paws Rescue

                                                    Kismutt Dog Rescue

BC Residents:  We are still accepting applications and following safety guidelines during our screening process and placement of our BC rescue dogs.

Thank you!

Good reasons to adopt a dog:
  1. You save a life.

  2. The cost of adoption is less than buying a pet from a breeder or pet store.

  3. Reputable rescue groups insure their pets had medical treatment and are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date with vaccines.

  4. There are more unique pets to choose from in shelters. Age, breeds, mixed breeds, and personality choices are greater.

  5. Every pet adopted improves the pet overpopulation problem.

  6. Adopting from a shelter opens a spot for another pet who needs a new forever home.

  7. An adult pet takes the guess work out of determining size, thickness of coat, and energy level.

  8. Mixed breeds are unique compared to purebreeds and may have less genetically inherited health problems.

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Snookie's Society is an all-volunteer based non-profit rescue organization. We rely on the generosity of our friends and the community to realize our mission of safeguarding, rescuing, medically treating, spay/neutering, and finding forever homes for the dogs that enter our rescue. Our dogs come from local and international street abandonment, puppy mills, local shelters, and facilities; including dogs scheduled for euthanasia.
Snookie's Society does not take family surrenders and instead focus on dogs with a higher, urgent need of rescuing. We do make exceptions in cases where family dogs are scheduled to be euthanized or placement is urgent in nature.
Our rescue is 100 percent foster-based, meaning our dogs are placed in the home of a loving volunteer foster family where they are incorporated into the daily lives of that family. The dogs are evaluated, medically cared for, loved and also receive basic training skills to aid in the transition to their forever home. 
Available to Adopt
      Available to Foster/Foster to Adopt